The Sound & The Sea

by Griffen Alexander

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All songs copyrighted Griffen Alexander 2011


released August 30, 2011

Music & Lyrics by Griffen Alexander
Produced by Griffen Alexander & Ryan McAllister
Engineered by Ryan McAllister & Griffen Alexander
Mixed by Ryan McAllister
Mastered by John Rogers & Ryan McAllister


all rights reserved



Griffen Alexander Kansas City, Missouri

Indie-Rock w/o the snobbery, Pop-Rock w/o the OMG.

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Track Name: Mississippi Water
Mississippi Water

There was music on the water
And there was something in the sand
I dug my feet right in
And there was someone I could see
So familiar through the trees
And there was me and this tune
And there was nobody else but you
I could’ve sworn that it was you
Sitting by the water as the river moved
I could‘ve sworn that it was you
I could’ve sworn I saw your hands
Dip into the Mississippi water singing
“Ah oh ah oh oh oh oh oh”
And the sound carried on the water
All the way to the banks
And the sound was your name
And that holy stream
Blessed by St. Paul and St. Louis
Down to New Orleans
Well it carried me
With your melody
Washed me clean
Track Name: Back To Good
Back to Good

She leans back
Against the counter to take
A little bit of the weight
Off of her
And tears
Drew lines
From her eyes down to her chin
Want you let me in?
She said, "I just don't know
What I'm doing
I'm so confused and I don't know
Who I am anymore
I need to find my way
Back to good
Before I can ever
Find my way to you"
I hold her head
Against my chest
She holds me
Just like she means it
And I
I can feel her love
I can feel her holding on
Why won't she just let this happen?
Track Name: Nervous Hands
Nervous Hands

All this heavy in my heart
Has got to start
Working its way out
She said, “I’m sorry I ever happened to you”
I said,
“Me too.”
Cause she’s sinking in my bones
And burning in my chest
I can feel her in my heartbeat
And taste her on my lips
And I can still feel the curves of her hips
I miss her nervous hands
Even when they’re clumsy
They’re still lovely
And I miss the way her smile felt
Pressed against my mouth
And how the weight was gone
While she was in my arms
And she’s that sinking in my heart
That empty in my chest
I can feel her in my heartache
Can taste her smile on my lips
And I can still feel
The curves of her hips
Track Name: When I Start Giving In
When I Start Giving In

I know there’s a God
I just wish he wasn’t so busy
With all of this world’s problems
That I know are much bigger than me
It’s a good thing I’ve got a mom that prays
Cause who knows where my soul would be
I’ve lost a little hope and a little weight
But it’s okay
I’m doing just fine considering
At least I think
And they all say
“Just try to keep your head above the waves”
But it’s so hard when
The waves keep crashing
And I start giving in
Somewhere in-between
Who I am and who I don’t want to be
There’s a part that’s fighting to keep
Some resemblance of me
The weight is bearing down
And my arms are giving out
And my heart, well it’s about
To do the same as well
Track Name: I Will
I will

She said “I feel like I’m drowning
And you’re the ocean
Sink or swim
I can’t get in again
So I’m leaving”
Before you go
I want you to know
If you should fall
I will catch you
I will I will I will
And even though you’ll be gone
I will still be in love
I will I will
I watched her walking away from me
Careening her way away
She’s so lovely even when she’s leaving
But lovely, oh how it can crush me
Track Name: Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand

I know sometimes
Life can get you down
I know it all too well
And it feels so dark
With your eyes closed
But if you hold my hand
We’ll get through this
I promise
If you just hold my hand
We’re gonna make it
And these days
The sun is gone
And the nights are long
And the wind is cold
But our hearts are warm
So I’ll keep you close
I know it can be so dark
But I know there’s still a light in you
If you could
Just hold on…
Track Name: Feels So Right
Feels So Right

I’m your yin
You’re my yang
You’re a girl
From L.A.
I’m a boy
From this Midwest town
You’re the missing piece
To this puzzle in me
Fitting perfectly
Feels so good
To feel like this now
On our way
On our way down
Falling in love with you
Feels so right
I’m your coat
When you’re cold
You’re so hot
I’m always warm
You’re the girl
I’ve been waiting for
And you’re the reason I sing
All these silly things
If I’m the shore
Then you’re the sea
Track Name: If You Want Me
If You Want Me

I don’t know
How to tell
If it’s me you want
Or somebody else
Give me the runaround
It’s always the same
If it’s me you want
I won’t complain
But saying nothing is doing nothing but
Driving me insane
Can you tell me
Where I might find
A woman
A woman that doesn’t make me
Lose my mind
Cause I don’t think she exists
But if she did
You wouldn’t be it
So if it’s me you want
Then get with me
If it’s someone else
I’ll leave you be
But go on and make up your mind
And quit wasting my time
But truth be told I’d hang on your every word
You could have every second of my life
Track Name: By Your Side
By Your Side

Tally marks split the road
Counting all the days since I’ve been home
To you
Each and every exit sign
Begs me to turn around and drive
Back home to you
I know this song won’t bring me home
And I know this song won’t keep you warm
But I hope this song will sing you to sleep tonight
Until I’m by your side
A thousand miles, a thousand more
The road it goes and goes but you’re never far
From me
Cause even while I’m away
I carry you my nights and all my days
Inside me you’ll always find me
Track Name: Riley

With tears in her eyes
And a voice that is weak
She stares directly through me
And breaks down
She said “it’s more complicated
Than you could imagine”
She took a deep breath
But never let it out
They said “you won’t feel a thing”
But she tells me she feels empty
This same girl used to shine
So bright
And she tells me
What she would give
To just forget
Her biggest mistake
And Mom and Dad
Would be so ashamed
Sweet little Riley
Where did you go?
Her meds make her drowsy
Without any sleep
No pill could ever feel complete
She said “the guilt keeps me up
Almost every night
I lay there and wonder
What he or she would be like?”
It was nice to know you
But they broke you
I wish that I could fix you
Track Name: Science & Religion
Science & Religion

Hold my head heavy
And stare into the sun
As we walk, steady
And realize what we’ve become
This ain’t science
This ain’t religion either
It’s just
It’s just what
We’ve become
And you say “hold on
Hold on”
And you say “hold, hold on
To me”
This is just our history
It’s just where we’ve been
But it doesn’t have to be
No it doesn’t have to be
Where we’re heading now

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